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Quartz Tube used for ALD/LPCVD/Diffusion Process

Quartz tube is essentially used in refinement process among semiconductor thin film deposition processes such as ALD/LPCVD/Diffusion process and takes an important role in protecting wafer and manufacturing high quality film.

Product Features

This product is manufactured through thermoforming and welding processes performed under working environment of cleanliness class 10,000 or higher and cleaning by ultrapure water (18 MΩ). Inspection, cleaning before shipment and packing are also carried out in an inspection room of cleanliness class 1,000 or higher.

It prevents foreign material from being mixed with Si-Wafer during the process and maintains adequate pressure.

Quartz tube for ALD process is a product of ultra-high purity of which the content of impurities (CU) is 1/5 of that of the existing product. It is produced after getting the quality certification for the first time in Korea.