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For Cutting-edge Optical Material (Homosil, Infrasil and Suprasil series of Heraeus & ShinEtsu)

It is widely used as cutting-edge optical material not only for High Power Laser, Excimer Lamp and Microlithography which require high quality but also for high technology field such as Fusion Laser and Space Optics as it has superior optical characteristics.

Product Features

It has a high transmissivity for rays from deep UV to IR wavelength band such as 172 nm and 193 nm.

Bubble free and no inclusion

While fused silica in general shows unidirectional characteristics, the grade of Suprasil 1 of Heraeus and ShinEtsu actually shows 3-way homogeneity characteristics. (Products of other companies support unidirection.)

As to detailed information, please refer to the Web Site of Heraeus :